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Think your computer will keep your secrets safe? Guess again. Anyone with access to your PC can tell what websites you ve visited, what emails you ve sent, what chat conversations you ve participated in OCo and that s just for starters. Unfortunately, many people assume that they can manually delete the files that store this information. That s only half true. If you want to completely erase all of the footprints you leave behind on your computer, you need the help of advanced privacy technology like that offered by the 2007 edition of PrivacyControl. Scan your PC with PrivacyControl for free and find out just what tales your computer is willing to tell about you. User-friendly installation wizard makes setup of PrivacyControl as easy as 1,2,3. Advanced technology meets U.S. Department of Defense standards and can completely remove all traces of your Internet activity, such as the record of the websites you have visited, all of the tracking cookies that have been placed on your system, your password logs, and more. Erases all files that hold record of your instant messaging activities including those through AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Instant Messenger and more. Erases all records of your Voice Over Protocol activity (such as Skype, etc.) Compatible with all of the latest P2P applications including LimeWire, Bit Torrent, Kazaa, Morpheus, and more. Removes all files related to the history of your media players including DivX, Windows Media Player and more. Allows you to erase all traces of your desktop search activity through applications like Google Desktop Search, Yahoo Desktop Search and more. Completely destroys all history related to opened items generated by Microsoft Office and any customized settings pertaining to email clients such as Outlook, Eudora and other POP3 email applications. Finds and remove any history any history pertaining to third-party applications.

Systems: Windows

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